Welcome to the Leicester HiFi About page.

I am Ian Knight, a professional freelance loudspeaker design engineer / consultant based in Leicester UK.

Leicester HiFi is the vehicle for me to provide true high end performance speakers to music lovers and hifi enthusiasts who value a more personal and passionate service when trying to find the ideal pair of loudspeakers.

I deal direct with the customer in an easy going and no pressure sales way. Because I design and manufacture the speakers myself the quality of product is assured. The advantage of direct to customer sales means that my overheads and margins yield a far higher performance loudspeaker for a given budget.  This why you will not find any of my loudspeakers in hifi retail dealer outlets or through a distributor.  

When the Leicester HiFi domain became available it was an ideal opportunity for me to keep the tradition going from the good old days when I worked at Leicester HiFi. The original IK1 loudspeaker that I designed was very popular. Many of my original customers have kept in touch via this site.

 One of my long term projects has been to design loudspeakers for TPI Sound in Leicester. This work is very diverse and includes Professional Studio Monitors, Dolby Atmos Professional Cinema, and Live Sound Reinforcement systems for outdoor festivals etc. This work is ongoing, you can find some of my latest commercial / professional  work here:   (TPI SOUND & @tpisound Instagram )

Below is a list of some of the clients I have worked with over the past 20 years.

This has been the hardest page to write, it is always very difficult to write about myself .

If you would like to know more please feel free to contact me via our email address:


Thank you for reading the above.


Ian Knight.    

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